My name is Drew Brown.  I am a working class man out of the Boise, ID area.  On top of owning and running a computer company out of my house, I also take part as the “stay at home” parent.  I am an ordained minister through the CBF.

I was recently the worship minister at a local church plant.  However, God called me out of that church and into a waiting period for His next plan for my life and the life of my family.  Currently, I am the singer/songwriter known as Drew Allen Brown and the church Planter/Sr Pastor at Second Chance Church in Nampa, ID.

I have been working in churches as a youth leader, college group leader,  Sunday school teacher, different parts of worship teams, and as a worship minister.  All and all, I’ve been in most ministry aspects of the modern church; and I think it’s fair to say, that it’s time for the modern church to change.

This blog is about my studies and the inspirations that the Holy Spirit puts in my life.  My hope for this is to document the change in my mind and heart and to inspire others to see the world and the “church” in a new light through different eyes.

Just like life itself, this is a work in progress.  I won’t always be right, but I that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in.


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