We Come so We Can Go

What is church?  Is it a fancy fun place that we go to once a week to make ourselves feel good?  Is it a place we go so that others feel good about us?  Is it a place to go only to learn about God?  Is it where you go to talk to other people without dropping the mandatory every other sentence f-bomb?

What church is has really changed a lot over the years.  At Second Chance (the church plant we’re doing) we’re trying to get back to the roots.  The concept is that we want to Worship like Pentecostals, study like Calvinists, and be in the community like Evangelicals of old.  Our goal is to introduce people to Christ, transform the community for the glory of God, and Praise and Worship like there is no tomorrow…because hey, there might not be.

We have a vision that the church is a place to go, to learn and to edify the body, so that the body can go out into the world and do what it’s supposed to.  We come to church so that we can go out where we are needed.

This is a paradigm change for many in the American Church.  For many, the church has become a place to go and be entertained so we feel better about our situation.  (Don’t believe me?  Look around and see how many churches are doing The Happier You  from the pulpit.)  Then they tend to go out and just “live” with what suffering they feel they need to endure.  How are we spreading Jesus to the world by just trying to survive day by day?

All of our jobs, as the body of Christ (and the bride of Christ), is to be out sharing the message.  But remember, helping with an agenda attached isn’t helping…it’s propaganda.  It’s okay to love where you are, just remember that loving Christ is higher on the list.  Go and help the community so that it’s a better place, not to hand out tracts.  More often people will listen to what you have to say when they know it’s out of love, not out of a feeling of obligation.  If you’re out there helping them and their community for no reason other than helping, it shows a commitment to them and a love for them.

Honor God, help the community, teach the Gospel.  These three things are our calling, and the last two flow from the first…honor God.  You honor God by helping the community He has you in.  You also honor God by teaching His word and His love for people shown through His son Jesus the Christ.  Learn, help, and share.  Learn God’s word, help those around you, and share the good news, that’s your calling.  That’s all of our callings, every last one of us.  You personally can make a difference, but you have to do something first.


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