Taking the Drudgery Out of Sermon Preparation

Taking the Drudgery Out of Sermon Preparation by Webb B. Garrison.  This is a Source Books for Ministers book, and for those of you who know what that means, you know about how this reads.

Overall, the information in the book is of good value.  However, it seems like the same result could have been received with an essay or a long pamphlet.  About 3/4 of the book is basically restating the same thing over and over again with mild changes trying to show a different view of the same concept.  Maybe it was too much for me because I’m a musician and I have already figured out what Mr. Garrison is describing, on my own.

The book doesn’t talk about source study or really sermon preparation at all.  This book is intended to show how to take examples out of everyday life and find a way to use them in sermons.  Although, Garrison takes this to the extreme and often comes off as a Christian Panentheist.

I love the idea of finding examples from almost anything; again, I’m a musician and I do it quite often.  If read with a grain of salt, and understanding that this was written in the 60’s, it is informational and can be helpful.


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