Another Hospital Visit

I’m used to going to the hospital for family and friends, not taking my children there.  Dad moment, mothers please understand that men don’t think the same way as you do and we tend to assume things aren’t as bad as they appear.

My 6 year old daughter slammed her thumb in the car door.  No, I didn’t shut the door, she did.  She did a crab like pincer grab on the door and slammed it shut leaving her thumb between the door and the rest of the car.  OUCH!!!  I open the door, she’s jumping in pain, I look at the injury…small mark and she can squeeze my fingers.  Okay, it’s not broken; lets go into the store and buy what we came here for.  (Like I said, Dad moment).

She’s complaining about the pain all the way through the store, even after a gave her a frozen item to use as an icepack.  We get out, I check the injury again, looks the same.  We go visit my father who’s recovering from his last hip replacement.  She’s still complaining.  We get to my Dad’s house and I give her lunch (that I had just bought from the store; don’t think I’m going to my Dad’s house for his food).  After lunch, she’s still complaining.  It’s been almost an hour now, so I check it again…it’s swollen up like a snow man and half of her hand is also swollen.

Ok, so super calm Dad calmly stands up and walks outside…and calls Shannon (aka my wife and the Mommy of Gabbie) freaking out.  Notice, I didn’t freak out in front of Gabbie.  I then call the Dr’s office and we head down to the doctor.  10 minutes in the waiting room, 10 minutes waiting in the exam room, the doctor sees it and we instantly go to get an x-ray.  Wait for 10 minutes to get her back into x-ray.  Wait 30 minutes for the doctor to come check the x-ray…she can’t read it.  She calls to have the radiologist to have them read it for her….they call back 45 minutes later.  But on a lighter note, the kids each got 2 suckers.

Radiology says it doesn’t appear to be a fracture, but if it’s still bothering her in 7-10 days to come back for another round of x-rays.  After all this, we are told there is significant soft tissue damage, but no bone break and the tendon is still attached.  Ice it and do anti-inflammatories.  Oh, don’t forget there’s frozen items in the trunk of the car.

All in all, I don’t feel like the best father right now; but she’s alright…and so are the groceries.  Love that little girl, hopefully that thumb injury won’t affect how tight her grasp is on this pinky.


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