Being a Christian Doesn’t Make You Weak

Sat in at my buddy Jonathan’s church today.  What a blessing it was.  Fantastic Spirit filled praise to our Father God and Christ Jesus, a spectacular sermon, and great people to be surrounded by.  Best line of the day…”The meaning of life is more than 42.”

At one point Jonathan brought up how, in our society, men feel that being a Christian is a sign of weakness.  As a believer, I know just how ridiculous that statement is.  Unfortunately, however, it is how many people outside of the faith feel.  I think part of it is because we are raised to believe that we are good enough, strong enough, and that our success and happiness is what’s important.  Lies, lies, lies, and yet even Christian parents spread them.

The Gospel is incredibly offensive, another point I was excited that Jonathan brought up.  It’s striking how so many Christians argue, over creation and whether it was done in 6 literal days or if God made the world in millions of years as science suggests, for instance.  Christians who believe in the gap theory tend to suggest that we should have faith in the Bible while maintaining our intellect.  This suggests that the interpretation of the literal 6 day creation is foolish and that one is simply stupid to trust God’s word rather than science’s word.  There are many issues with this, but this post ins’t about this debate.  Suffice to say that the Bible constantly challenges and diminishes man’s personal intellect.  For instance, my intellect tells me that I’m a good man and that I should be able to earn God’s affection.  The Bible says both of those thoughts are false.  According to the Bible, I need to trust God rather than my intellect.  That doesn’t mean not to use your mind, it means to trust God and believe Him over your thoughts when they differ.

This is part of the reason why our society views us as weak, we don’t stand for what they think but rather for what God says.  We don’t stand for ourself, we stand for Christ.  But standing for another person isn’t viewed as week in our society.  Would you be considered weak for standing up for your wife?  No!  And Christ stood and died for His wife, the Church, and we are called to stand for Him.  With love, strength, courage, generosity, passion, and confidence we are called to stand.

Being a Christian doesn’t make you weak.  Just because people who don’t understand the Gospel tell you that you are a bad Christian when you stand doesn’t mean you are.  Stand for Christ and for what He taught and is teaching.  Be filled with the Spirit praising God the Father for the Glory of Jesus the Son.


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