The Noise of Life

Shannon’s down with a migraine and the Satellite is out (due to a decent snow storm).  What’s a guy to do?  Have his kids color and try to do some studying!

Sometimes I lose track of just how “connected” I am.  Times like these I realize just how much more I hear God when there’s silence rather than the TV going, kids running around, and work on my desk.  These times give me a greater respect for 1 Kings 19.  I try to surround myself in a cloak of business for protection expecting God to come in the form of a great wind, or an earthquake, or a fire, when all along He’s whispering.

Too often do I find myself longing for a miraculous sign, a pillar of fire, directing me which way to go and what to do.  When all along He’s whispering to me, all I need to do is quiet myself and my surroundings and listen.  With the church plant getting closer I really need to get away to my quiet place for a few days of prayer and study.  This isn’t my church plant, this is God’s and I need to make sure it stays that way.  If it’s God’s church plant, I need to make sure it’s going the direction He desires.

But it’s not just the church plant that is his.  I gave Him my life, seemed only fitting since He gave His son for me.  So if my life is going to go His way, I need to know what He wants for me.  I think a short trip to my quiet place is coming here soon.  If you don’t have a place where you can get away in piece and quiet, I would suggest finding one.  When I feel lost and forgotten I can spend a day or two with no TV, no radio, no people, just me, the Bible, and God.  Prayer, fasting, and reading the Word.  It’s absolutely amazing what happens.  I always leave knowing what I need to do, what God wants, and how much He loves me.


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