Hospital Blues

I’m down at the hospital visiting my father after his surgery.  He’s doing well, thanks for the thought.  Looks like he’ll be released a littler latter today.  Oh the joys of never getting 10 minutes of privacy.  Nurses, respiratory technicians, physical therapists…and so on ad nauseum.

Hospitals never seem to make me feel really comfortable.  I’ve had several surgeries, my wife is a cancer survivor, and I’ve had too many family members die in hospitals.  Top this off with today is one of the incredibly few snow days this area gets, and you have a winning combination of terror and bad memories.

Oh well, he’s getting out today and that’s good news.  Something else I guess I need to get used to.  And hey, at least they have cable!  I think this is a great example of needing to find contentment in trials.  Thanks Paul, I could have used a shorter bar to reach here.  I guess that’s just how God works, go big or go home.  I stand firm on my foundation of Christ, that’s the only way I could ever make it.


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