Surgery Time

My dad is having his 2nd hip replacement this morning.  It’s funny, my father will be under the knife while my mother and step father will be roaming the beaches of Hawaii.  One will be dreaming while the other will think she is dreaming.

My father’s hips had degregated to the point that he was hunched over constantly in pain.  Zero cartilage in one hip and practically none in the other and both had large amounts of arthritis.  He had the worse of the two replaced late last year.  It helped tremendously and the doctor scheduled the other replacement right after the first surgery.

When my dad told me about needing the first one replaced he told me “I now know the pain you were referring to with your knee.”  I have a knee that has no cartilage and what would be bad arthritis for a man in his 70’s – according to my orthopedic surgeon.  Considering I’m not quite 30, it’s interesting.  I blew my knee out playing Nerf darts on hardwood floors sliding in my socks.  My knee buckled and I hit it hard on the floor.  My patella was rotated all the way behind the back tendon and my knee was bent at a 90 degree angle to the side.  I shredded the cartilage in my knee and had two experimental surgeries to repair the damaged cartilage, causing much of the arthritis.  The surgeries worked, and the cartilage lasted me until I was 26 (about 13 years).

Since I’m so young and have young children, my surgeon said he wouldn’t perform the needed knee replacement until I was at least 40.  That’s right, I was told to wait 14 years for the needed surgery.  Thank God I can get Chicken Shots.  If it wasn’t for these shots I just don’t think I could be the type of father I want to be with my children.

I’m excited for my dad to have this surgery.  I’ll be getting my shots here soon again and we should be able to go hunting again this year.  We haven’t been for 3 years now due to my knee and his overall health.  I miss these bonding times.  I miss bonding with my dad through hunting and bonding with my stepdad while fishing.  Two things I love to do and with people I love doing them with.

I’m of the opinion that God uses human medicine to heal people.  Yes, I believe that He heals some directly.  But most of the time, I think God uses people to help people for this type of thing.  I pray that my dad’s surgery goes well and that he has a speedy recovery.


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