How Can We Do This?

This blog is here for multiple purposes.  Firstly, I do this in hopes that people will read it and find some encouragement and knowledge in here.  Secondly, it’s a venue for me to get my thoughts out there as a release and a sort of virtual soapbox.  Finally, it serves as a bit of a journal for me personally.  It lets me look back and see where I’ve been and where God has taken me and my family.

This post is definitely more of a journal post.  Don’t stop reading though, you might find your self in my shoes someday and having the same questions.  Over the last week I’ve found myself with a little more stress over finances and life.  On top of starting a church plant, I own and run a computer business, take and pickup the kids from school ( kindergarten and preschool = short school days), take care of the kids after school, and so on.

Most planters that I know, and smaller church pastors, are bi-vocational.  Meaning that they are a pastor and work a job, be it either part time or full time.  But I haven’t met another one that does both those while taking care of the kids during the day.  I’m sure I’m not alone out there in this, but I just haven’t met or heard of anyone else doing this much.

Because I’m doing so much, my work only gets so much attention…meaning it’s not producing much in the way of funding for the family.  That’s been alright, because we haven’t been paying for daycare making things even out.  (If the work only gets so much attention, imagine hoe much attention the church plant is going to get.)  But things have been crazy busy doing everything and plenty stressful.  Now that we’re adding the church plant in the mix, I just don’t know that I can maintain it all.  I’m already burning the candle in three or four places, now we’ll be adding multiple more flames to it.

Shannon and I have been praying about potentially closing my computer company so that the church plant can get the attention it needs.  But we just can’t afford it, we are barely making as it is.  So if we’re going to do this, we need to find a way to raise funds for a salary.  Please be praying for us as we are praying over this difficult decision.  It’s stressful enough as it is, but we really believe the church plant is where God wants us right now.


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