Coffee Shoppe’ Preachers

Here in Nampa, there are several coffee houses.  Okay, more than several.  Let’s just say it’s not like a Walgreens on every corner, but there’s a lot.  But there seems to be one coffee shop (or shoppe’ for the hipsters) that most of the moving pastors in the area go to…and it’s not the one you would think.

There are several local coffee shops that have their own brews.  There are Christian coffee shops, national coffee shops, regional coffee shops….  But the place most of the pastors are going is the one that draws the most radical crowd.  Flying M Coffeegarage.  Yes, it’s literally in an old tire shop with the giant garage doors still on the building.  Cool atmosphere, good tunes, and lots of people.  (That being said, if you’re in south Boise, go to Latte’ Da).

You see everybody there; lawyers, doctors, electricians, tattoo artists, musicians, liberals, libertarians, atheists, muslims, Christians…everybody.  This place is the melting pot of Nampa.  If you like coffee, this is the place to go.  But it’s not the normal “pastor” style place.  I mean, it’s not in the “bubble.”

I’m sure some of you are asking “what bubble?” while others are saying “that’s what they should be doing!”  Bubble? What bubble?  The Christian bubble.  That happy place where you’re only surrounded by other Christians, you can say Christian things and not get funny looks, you can act like a moron and people realize your just being silly.  You know the place.  It’s comfortable, it’s uplifting, it’s easy, but it’s not why we’re here.

God gave us a mission, spread the Gospel (Great Commission).  It’s hard to share Jesus with people when you are constantly surrounded by people who know him.  And Nampa is a great place to be to share Jesus.  While many feel it’s over churched, meaning there are too many churches in the area, under half of the population claim any religious beliefs (meaning any…Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, Jewish, Christian…any).  Pastors on the move know that they need to be out sharing with non-believers.  But do you know that?

Almost every Christian would answer that with a resounding YES!  But do you live like that?  That one is harder to say yes to.  It’s easier to tell your children “do as I say, not as I do” than it is to live the example out.  But sharing the Jesus doesn’t mean that you hand people a tract or stand on the street corner screaming the Gospel through a megaphone.  It can be as simple as showing compassion for another person, you know, loving your neighbor (Click to find out).

Sharing Jesus isn’t just your pastor’s job, it’s every Christian’s job.  We’re all called.  Jesus didn’t say “Those who lead the church body should go out and share.”  He said go and make disciples!  Be different from the world.  The love of God is irresistible, because we are made to have it.  Show love, and let God do the work.  Don’t be afraid to talk about Jesus when the time comes, but don’t feel forced to shove Him down someone’s throat.  Go be a coffee shoppe’ preacher, by showing love to others where ever you are.


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