What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care? by: Edward T. Welch

What Do You Think of Me?  Why Do I Care?” By Edward T. Welch.  I’ll be brutally honest here, I got this because it was offered as a free download for my Kindle.  Not my normal read, but that can be a good thing.  It’s good to take yourself beyond your norm and stretch yourself in new directions; as long as those directions are still in line with Christ.

Was it good….eh.  Was it bad….no.  It wasn’t written for me or my demographic, so it’s rather hard to say yea or nae on this one.  So I guess I’ll talk about what I thought of it.  It was a rather quick read, being only 160 pages.  The first half of the book, in my opinion, could have been a single chapter leading to the real discussion which was the second half of the book.  I found it difficult to push through the first half, but once Welch got going with the concept (again, half way through the book) it went really smoothly.

I would say this book is written more for teens, parents of teens, and youth workers.  I am none of these, as I’m pushing 30,  my oldest is 6, and I don’t have a youth group in our still forming church plant.  For youth pastors, leaders, and group attenders, probably a really good book.  Welch does a good job of staying focused on his three essential questions, who is God, who am I, and who are you?

If you are new to the faith, young in the faith, or younger physically, I would suggest this book.  It does a good job at pointing out the Christian paradigm and keeping it in perspective while being clear and understandable.  While this book isn’t for everyone, for the people that it was intended for I think it will be good.  If you are a youth or work with youth, pickup a copy and give it a read.


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