Ready for Church?

I’ve been a Christian for around 16 years.  No, I don’t remember the exact moment.  Sometimes I wish I could, but alas, I cannot.  Ever since I’ve been a Christian I’ve always felt like I needed to get ready for Church.

By church, I mean going to the gathering on Sunday morning to worship God, learn, and fellowship.  Not as in the fact that we are all the church.  It’s a funny concept, since I’ve always gone to a “come as you are” church.  Why do I need to get ready?  What am I getting ready for?  Am I getting ready to impress the other people there?  Does God really need, or want for that matter, me to be looking better than I really am?  Does He really care?

It makes more sense when I’m leading something in church.  I need to be prepared to lead worship, or preach, or teach the kids/youth.  But if I’m just a bump on the log, who am I kidding and who am I trying to impress?  Is there something deep down wrong with me for “getting ready,” or is it just normal and acceptable?  Am I an idolater?  Am I putting the other people’s opinions ahead of my relationship with Christ?  Do I need to look “good” for these people?  I mean, can’t I wear my Mickey Mouse shirt and beat up jeans?  I wear a hat everywhere else, does God really care if I wear it in that building?

Am I ready for church?  Is church ready to accept me?


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