When is a Fetus a Baby?

Here’s a touchy topic.  One that I know I’ll get hate mail over, all you have to do is say anything about it and the emails will flow.  I have a friend who’s been working on a sermon about this topic and it’s been inspiring to see some of the things he’s been putting out there on this topic.

So when is a fetus a baby and why does this matter?  You guessed it, it’s an abortion post.  Let me get this out there, yes I am a man and that in no way diminishes my understanding on this topic.  If you can’t get past the fact that a man wrote this, stop reading now.  Want my stance in a nutshell?  Don’t want a baby, don’t have sex…easy enough.  If you’re “mature” enough to have sex, then you’re mature enough to have widened hips or to be a father.  If you’re a woman who wasn’t raped, you made the choice to have sex, have the baby.  If you’re a man who had sex, you have zero right whatsoever to push the poor girl into killing your child.

Enough soapbox standing.

God knits us, or makes us, in our mother’s womb (Psalms 139:13, Job 31:15, Jeremiah 1:5).  You provide the physical substance, God does the work.  If you sold some clay from your yard to a potter.  You provide the material, the potter does the work making a pot.  Then you happen to see a clay pot that you really like at a store and you buy it.  Turns out that pot was made from the clay you provided, the potter made it and you now have a beautiful creation. What if you didn’t like the pot?  What if you don’t like the way the potter starts working on the pot?  You’ve given it to him, can you rightly deny him the ability to work it now?  No.

So if in dealing with the inanimate clay we can agree that you can’t stop the potter from forming his art, why then, when dealing with living tissue do we disagree over the makers rights?  You are not the maker, God is.  You simply provide the raw material.  But don’t think God is dependent on you for that either, He made Adam from dirt and Eve from his rib.

I saw one posting that I thought brought a bit of clarifying light onto this topic.  It said “How is a fossilized bacteria found on Mars proof of life, but a heart beat here on Earth not?” I don’t remember who said it, but I feel it makes light of the situation.  We know that the heartbeat develops by the 5th week, possibly sooner.  Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until 4-8 weeks, most say they know around 6 weeks.  So by the time you know you are pregnant, your baby has a heartbeat.  Ask most people what qualifies as life, a heartbeat is high on the list.

Now the question comes in, when is it human?  Okay, for one, this is ludicrous.  Human begets human….period.  It doesn’t matter what stage of development, the life is human.  But some would argue that it’s just a group of cells.  So are you.  But, they are referring to mental development and physical characteristics.  Physical characteristics?  Google search aborted fetus photos.  Seriously, do it.  This blog will still be here after you finish throwing up.  But they can’t think or feel you say?  If you have a hard time with the debate of pulling the plug when a loved one is brain dead and living only because of the oxygen and feeding tubes then you have no right to argue the validity of life without feelings or thoughts.

Let’s get scientific here for a moment.  If you have a single cell organism that multiplies and shows form, you call that a thriving life form.  Guess what…that’s what happens after the sperm enters the egg.  You have a thriving life form inside you.  Remember, human only begets human.  Therefore, it’s only logical to conclude that you have a growing, thriving, human child forming inside you that God is skillfully crafting into His desired image.

If you believe that a helpless, forming, baby doesn’t have the inherent right to life, then where do you draw the line?  If you’re not producing for society, should they be able to kill you legally?  If you don’t have an IQ of at least 120?  If you can’t run the mile in 5 minutes?  How about if you are too old to work?  You’re paralyzed? Where’s the line?  Once you cross the line of saying murder by choice is okay based on your personal desires and ideals, you open up the can of worms that potentially leads to a society led on the belief of eugenics.  If you’re not what they want, you’re not needed.  And if you’re not needed, you’re expendable and shall be expended.


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