Render Unto Caesar

Well, it’s tax season.  I know it’s not April, but for those of us who run businesses, January thru April is all tax season.  So what do we all do?  We all try to find a way to keep as much of our money as possible.  Any loophole we take it.  Any possible deduction, done.  But is that the right way to handle it?

Jesus, when tested by Pharisees and Herodians about this, answered it pretty clearly.  Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s (Mark 12:13-17).  So it’s clear, pay your taxes.  This post is done.

Maybe not.  We are also told to be good stewards with what we’re given.  Instructed to use our talents, which was a unit of measurement in regards to money (Matthew 25:14-30) and not just waist them.  So then the question is really back again.  Should we do what we can to keep our money so that we pay less taxes even though the money is the governments money?

Everything is God’s anyway.  If you truly believe that, then you you would be more concerned about what God wants to use it for than what you want to do with it.  So, if it’s God’s, and Jesus was God in human form, and He said to pay your taxes…pay them.  The money is theirs and they want some of it, and they give you ways to alter how much you deserve to pay…deductions.  Such as charitable donations, aka good stewardship and helping others.  We are actually encouraged to donate clothing, food, money, services…we get extra money for that.

This is great, and a good thing to do.  And it’s being a good steward while helping the less fortunate.  But don’t do these things for the tax deductions, then you would be serving money, not God.  Make sure that you are making sure that your donations make an impact.  That means one on one service.  That means giving clothing to a person, not an organization…and that’s not tax deductible.  Most of these organizations are doing good, so donate to them too.

Give to your church so as a group of believers they can serve the community.  Volunteer to help when your church goes out and serves so that you are making a difference, not just pretending.  But don’t limit your giving and helping to your church, for you are the church.  Get out there, give and assist when you can.  When the Spirit moves you, it’s often uncomfortable.  Follow the Spirt.  Your money is God’s, your stuff is God’s, you are God’s, act like it.  It’s not comfortable, it’s not supposed to be.  For the path is narrow and few will find it.  Honor God, not man.


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