Does Christian = Class Act?

Christians should be the nicest, happiest, and classiest people on the planet right?  I mean, it makes sense.  We’re not to judge, we should turn the other cheek, offer grace and mercy, help the poor/widows/orphans.  All this screams that we should be the classiest people out there.  Doesn’t it?

It makes sense, like I said, Christians are told to walk a tight rope.  So let’s think about this, who are Christians?  In one word, sinners.  Most people don’t associate the word “sinner” with classiness.  In fact, if you look at the life of Jesus, the people he hung out with were considered the nastiest of the area.

Once you accept Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior you receive the Holy Spirit and thus begins your sanctification process.  Sanctification is just a fancy word for the process in which God transforms a believer into the image that is more Christ like.  The key with this is that God does the transforming, not the person.  This means that everyone has a different sanctification process and time line.  Every sanctification begins upon receiving the Spirit and ends at death.  Ever wonder if you’ll be perfect here on earth…here’s your answer, no.

So if Christians are a bunch of sinners that God is transforming in the image of His son, still shouldn’t they be super classy people?  Okay, I’m not going to say that Christians shouldn’t try to be a good, or decent rather, representation of what God wants people to be.  But there is this common misconception that’s out in the world….”Christians should be better then everyone else.”

This, I think, is where people get the concept that Christians should be classy.  This is also where people get the concept that Christians are just a bunch of hypocrites.  The problem with this concept is a misunderstanding and a misrepresentation of the sanctification process.  For the concept to be accurate, either every believer would need to be fully sanctified upon salvation or there would be a man made list of how to produce sanctification in one’s self.  Either way, it’s simply not how it works.

Since we all come from different places, with different upbringings, with a different temperament, and so on ad nauseum, we all need something different for change to happen in us.  God is the only one that truly knows what that’s really going to take, and since He’s the only one that can produce the change, we must trust Him to do it the right way.

So what makes a class act?  In the worlds eye it’s someone who plays by the worlds rules and is pleasantly PC.  In God’s eyes it’s someone who is faithfully following Him.  Jesus didn’t die so that we could be PC, He died for our salvation.  Plus He gave a command to go and spread the Gospel.  It’s hard to share the true Gospel message and be PC, the two just don’t mix.  To be PC you can’t say someone is doing something wrong.  That’s no where near the example Christ gave us, nor what we have in the rest of the Bible as examples.

Don’t fear standing up for what God calls you to be.  Don’t fear the consequences the world might bring, you know the rewards that God gives.  He already gave you salvation.  He gave you salvation before you stood up for what He believes, how much more honoring do you think He’ll be when you stand up for Him.  Matthew 16:25.  I’m not suggesting martyrdom here, but don’t fear standing up for what is right in the eye’s of God.  And remember, keep it classy Christendom.;NKJV;NASB;NLT;MSG


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