I Have Nothing God Can Use

There’s an interesting thought; I have nothing God can use.  Let’s take a moment to think about that one.  You have nothing too offer the world or God whatsoever?  Nothing?  You don’t write, draw, sing, play music, talk to people, clean, work, play, swim, fish, hunt, have opinions, have thoughts?  Nothing?

I doubt many who read that list will come up empty handed.  I’ll admit, many of these things seem pretty basic, but don’t let that get you down.  It’s not how we perceive our gifts, but how God plans to use them.  If you can talk and write and have thoughts, blog.  Yep, write and get those thoughts out there.  If you are reading this blog, you probably think you can’t contribute to God’s plan; write about it.  It’s okay to write about having issues; if you blog it, it’s like doing a prayer journal that you can go back to and see where God has taken you.  Plus, you can bring encouragement to other people out there who feel the same way.

Are you a musician? Play, sing.  If you hunt and fish, take out some youth who are struggling and be a light to them.  Work for an employer?  Guess what, there might just be a reason that you are there.  You might just be the only light that is in that office to show them Christ.

This is a very missional mindset.  Think of yourself as a missionary, not as John Doe.  Even if this means you clean your church, or your neighbors house or yard.  You are still making an impact.  Your music, your writing, your honest workmanship, your stewardship with money and nature, how you deal with the neighbor kid that bugs you, they are all things that people see and might change their view about the world and eventually about God.

So many pastors talk about being a “link in the chain” of, or to, salvation.  This doesn’t mean you have to be the person who talked about Jesus when they didn’t want to hear it.  It can simply be that you were there when they needed an ear.  You understood that they were human too and showed them mercy and grace when they did wrong.  It doesn’t all appear to be glorious, not here.  But what things appear to be here ins’t really what matters.

God is outside of time, outside of our realm.  Yes, He’s here, He’s everywhere all the time.  But He isn’t limited to how we see things.  Matthew 25:34-40 gives us a beautiful view of how even the simple gestures make the wold of difference in God’s eyes.  In stark contrast, Matthew 25:41-46 gives us a most horrific view of how God sees the selfishness and inconsiderate nature of ignoring the “minor” things of those around us.

It’s not the magnitude of what you do that counts, its that you do and why you do it.  The Bible shows over and over again that God doesn’t measure the same way as we do.  Sin is equal to other sin (minus blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) which is not how we view things.  Raking your elderly neighbors leaves might seem like nothing but 20 minutes of stupidity, but it might change his heart.  God see’s things differently, you are beautiful and beautifully made.  Act as God see’s you, not as you see you.


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