Pray for Saeed

I’m sure many of you know who Saeed Abedini is.  I’m from the Boise, ID area, and most of the people who read this blog seem to be from there too, so this blog is really more for those of you who aren’t from the area.

Saeed Abedini is a man who has been in captivity in Iran since 2012.  He was in Iran building an approved orphanage.  Here’s the catch, he’s a Christian, and he moved to the United States from his home in Iran.  On top of that, he had already been warned to not talk about his faith while in Iran.

A simple Google, or Bing for you hipsters, search for Saeed or Free Saeed will give you a lot of insight into the case.  So why, if he has been in prison since 2012, am I writing about praying for him in 2014?  Simple, I haven’t forgotten him.  He’s a pastor from the Boise area that was arrested on a humanitarian mission in an Islamic country.  He was put in a deadly prison, denied health care, moved to the worst prison, and so on.

Like the early churches who prayed for Paul while he was in prison, I think it’s important that we do the same for Saeed and other detained and persecuted Christians today.  I pray, for one, that he be released, and for another, that his faith and his life show Christ to the other inmates and to the guards.  Like in everything that we plea with God for, we must remember that it’s His will (God’s will) not ours that is important and that will be done.  On top of praying for Saeed himself, I pray for his wife and children, and for his parents.  I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to have my spouse, or my child, in the worst prison in a country known for hating people like him/her.

God be with them all, and God open the hearts of the people around them all.  For your glory, not for ours.  Pray, keep praying.


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