I Don’t Have Time To Read Your…

Ever say things like this?  I don’t have time to read your blog Drew.  I don’t have time to read about leadership.  I don’t have time to read the Bible.  I don’t have time to read…whatever.  Are you reading anything?  I know that a lot of the people who say things like this spend a little bit before falling asleep reading a book to “escape reality.”

Escape reality?  I guess that makes sense.  There are times when I need to do something to get away and get my mind off things.  But my escape is in the form of film.  I like to watch a two hour movie and get the whole story that I can replay over and over again in my head whenever I need.  To me, reading is more for gaining understanding and transforming my perception of reality.

Granted, many people don’t share my view on reading.  Don’t believe me, just take a scroll through the best sellers lists.  My view on reading is skewed, because it’s not easy for me.  While I’ve never been formally diagnosed, I have dyslexia.  I say this, because I was doing some work (IT work) for a counselor who specialized in different forms of learning disorders, and while we were talking she asked me a list of her diagnostic questions, had me read a few things, and informed me that I had it.  It’s not official because I didn’t pay for it, and it’s not written down anywhere on her letterhead, but that doesn’t neglect the fact that it’s there.

I was able to work through this as a child and as an adult by focusing hard on the task of reading.  Reading literally gives me headaches.  So it is a chore and not something enjoyable to me.  With that in mind, it’s clear as to why I view reading in such a way.  Most people, including my wife, don’t view it the same way as I do, read a lot, and prefer fiction stories that I like to watch as movies.

Even with my view of reading, I know it’s the best way for me to learn, so I do it.  I’m reading more now than I ever did in the past, and I hope in the future to read more than I do now.

If you have time to read stories at night, why don’t you have time to read God’s word?  Or how about what other people have received from God’s word?

I know a lot of people who will spend time, significant time for some of them, reading things to help them succeed in their career.  But when I ask them if they read….whatever biblical education….the answer is usually no.  These people will take the time to read a 550 page book on how to successfully sell people ice in Alaska, but they won’t take the time to read a 90 page  theological commentary that has transformed thousands of lives around the world.

So what does this boil down to?  Something I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again….you find out what’s important to you by looking at what you put your time in.  If your time is spent learning how to make money, you likely either love money, or yourself, or your family and place that/them before your relationship with God.  I’ve said in earlier posts that being a Christian is being in a relationship with God through Jesus.  We are to be the bride for the groom that is Jesus.  Often times the most successful relationships are when both parties know the other well.

You need to be talking to God (pray), listening to God (read the Bible), and learning what others have learned about God (read Christian books).  At the same time you need to be out living for God (being in the world loving people).  If you view your life as the life of a missionary, your workplace is there to provide a means for a life with God and with people.  Live life with God and with People.  Pray and allow God to transform your priorities.


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