How Good is good enough? By Andy Stanley

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had honored a friend of mine by taking a free book that his church was offering.  This was the book, “How Good is good enough?” by Andy Stanley.  It’s a really short read, about 2 hours, and it’s written for non-believers.

Non-believers sounds kind of bad and snobbish for this.  It’s meant for the spiritually curious and those who aren’t sure which path they are going to choose to travel.  It’s perfect for this friend of mine’s church, their tagline is “a church for the spiritually curious.”

As I said, it’s a short 2 hour read.  The premise of this book is just as the title makes it, is the “good people go to Heaven” theory a logical and practical belief to hold?  Here’s the clincher, according to Stanley, it is not.  And quite frankly I would agree with him.  This is a short, non-theologically heavy, introduction as to why Christianity is different and the logical answer to the age old question of ‘what’s after death?’

It’s a good read, but if you already call yourself a Christian and know for yourself why you are one, then it’s probably not for you.  But it would be a great book to give to your non-Christian friends.


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