Your God is too Small by J.B. Phillips

This is another short read that is well worth the time it takes to flip the pages.  J.B. Phillips is attributed with his writing the New Testament in modern English.  He was also encouraged to write his books by C.S. Lewis.

The title of the book, “Your God is too Small,” is a fantastic description for the first half of the book.  Phillips delves into the miniature versions of God that Christians have created.  Much like Lewis, he leans to more of a psychological approach to how things are perceived.  I rather like this, it leaves the physical reality as a reality and shows how individuals intemperate it.

The second half of this book is a mild attempt to show the grandeur of God.  I say mile, but in reality I think it’s Phillips realization that no one know fully the magnitude of God and his humility in the subject.  He succeeds in showing humility while maintaining his expertise in the subject.

Really, and it’s hard for me to say this, I would put this up there with Mere Christianity.  Great book and a must read for growing Christians.


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