I’m a Christian, Now What?

So you’ve taken the plunge on walking with Jesus Christ.  First let me congratulate you.  You have made the most important decision of your entire life.  After the blast of emotions dies down for you, you’re more than likely to think “now what?”

Now what indeed.  You just had a major spiritual experience in excepting Christ.  You felt the Holy Spirit and got the “high” from it, but now you’re used to it and aren’t sure which way to go.  The most important thing to grasp here, is that your walk with Christ is not based on emotions.  Don’t let the discharge of that high feeling let you down, it’s normal.  You might also be somewhat uncomfortable because most churches won’t let you help in many areas as a brand new Christian.  This is because in 1 Timothy we are given good instructions as to what an overseer, pastor, elder, whatever term you want to use, should be.  1 Timothy 3:6 says specifically why new believers should not be in these roles.  1 Timothy 3 is where most churches get their guidelines for this.

Side note here.  You might wonder, if you clicked on those links, why there were 5 different versions of the same text.  It’s important to read and study your Bible and there are different forms of translation.  Some are more direct word for word translations, while others are more thought for thought.  The first two (ESV and NKJV) are word for word while the rest are thought for thought.  More on this later in another blog, but suffice to say that the best Bible for you to get is the one you will actually read.

“I don’t feel different anymore and I can’t help out at my church.  Why should I even stay a ‘Christian?'”  Again, it’s not an emotion based religion.  It’s really not even a religion, it’s more of a relationship.  And the best way to keep those healthy….communication.  Girls dig it, guys typically don’t.  But it’s the truth, communication is the key.  So now how do we communicate with God?

Pray.  This is our direct link of communication with God.  Talk to Him, but like any good communication, don’t forget to listen for His response.

Next, read.  The Bible is God’s word to the world.  There’s history, poetry, love stories, battles, death, resurrection, drinking, wanting, hating, loving….there’s something in there to appeal to everyone.  Don’t just focus on the parts you want, read it all, but you can start with what you want.

On top of communication, you should be with other believers.  Their experiences and knowledge can mean a world of difference for you.  God made us, and He made us with a deep desire to be with other people.  There’s nothing wrong with this, and it is in no way a sin.  Be with other people in the body of Christ and let them encourage you in your new walk.  Believe me when I tell you, your zeal as a new believer will really be an encouragement to them in return.

To sum things up – pray, read, and be with others.  Be patient, God doesn’t always work as fast as we want.  Usually when we feel like God’s holding back and not working when we need Him, we see why that was after He’s done working things out.  You can’t see the whole picture of life, you need to have faith that God is leading you in the right direction.


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