Cost to Value Comparison

I’m selling my Jeep.  I don’t want to, but it’s happening anyway.  In doing this, I’ve been doing a lot of research on book value and actual retail value of the rig.  Come to find out, it’s the only Jeep with this body style and with the 6 cylinder for sale in my area.  So one book shows it’s worth $3,500, an another shows it’s worth $6,000.  But because it’s the only one with the 6 cylinder engine, and the extras, I marked it about $5,000.  I’ve had some people say “that’s way too much!” and others say “dude, you need to ask more.  Supply and demand.”  I have the only one like this for sale in my area, and it’s exactly what people want.  So why not bump the price up?  I think I’m asking a fair price.  I think I’m asking what it should go for, not what I could get out of it.

Morals….God doesn’t care about morals.  Does He?

To answer that question, let’s ask another:  Does God judge people simply on their actions alone, or with the full understanding of what lead up to it?  That would include everything from birth, upbringing, cultural indoctrination, education, and so on.  Are we to be judged simply on what we do, and not why we do it?  Or is there something deeper and more magnificent about His degree of judging?

See, one of the reasons we are told not to judge, is the fact that we don’t know everything about that person.  Even if that person is your twin, you don’t know it all.  God is the only one that does, and that makes God the only truly fair judge.

I had always heard “God see’s everything, and He’s going to judge you someday based on how you lived.”  That quite honestly scared the living crap out of me.  God, the big guy who sent down the impossible to keep 10 commandments.  God, the guy who sent Jesus, the man that no one could ever completely live like; is going to judge me on everything I do…I’m screwed.  It wasn’t until I really started praying hard and studying more fervently, that I realized that God wasn’t going to judge me like a person would.  He knows exactly what I’ve been through, exactly what my temperament is, exactly what I’m prone to, and He’s going to judge me with that in mind.

It’s hard for people to grasp this concept, especially when you see non-Christians who seem nicer than Christians.  “They’re so hypocritical!” they say.  Well, you don’t know how hard it was for that Christian to not flat lay you out instead of merely telling you that you’re wrong.  And they don’t realize that the non-Christian was lying through their teeth just so that they looked good.  Integrity isn’t easy, and God really cares about it.

The cost of being a Christian can be great.  You can be belittled, fired, lose friends, have family not want to talk to you, suffer from severe spiritual warfare, and you might even die for it.  I’ve gone through everything but death in that list, and I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world.  The reason for that is the value of my relationship with the God of the universe.  I get to talk to Him, listen to Him, learn from Him, share Him, and ultimately spend eternity with Him.

A relationship with Christ is the only way to have that.  Other religions might have less cost involved, but the value isn’t there, so in reality the cost – value ratio is far less.  Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  Might I suggest that instead of making a worthless (and impossible to keep) resolution of weight loss you make a resolution to get to know the one true God, the King of kings, the Lord of lords better.  Pray more, read more, do more.


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