USA Problem that Most Don’t See

It’s Christmas Eve, we’re cleaning and preparing food for our family and guests who are coming to join us for this lovely holiday.  I’ll admit, I’ve been getting frustrated that things aren’t quite done to my likings in a few areas.  But that just means that I finish it how I want it.  If I have the standard and it’s not met, there’s no point in complaining that someone else cleaned to their standard and not mine.  As I’m sitting down eating my lovely corn dog lunch, I’m strolling through Facebook and see a rather interesting article about a clergyman in Africa lending aid to not only Christians who were in fear of their lives; but also to a Muslim leader who was in fear of his own.  Some of the images were rather gruesome.

It really made me reflect on what issues we have here in the States that other countries don’t have.  In someways I’m kind of envious of people who are in direct persecution and fighting for their lives.  It makes faith and the scriptures seem more real in a bizarre way.  No, we don’t have those issues here.  At least the vast majority of us don’t.  No the issue that I’m here to discuss today is one that is much more subtle.  It’s an issue that lurks in the darkness, and makes you feel right at home as if there’s nothing wrong at all.  Complacency.

Complacency is the killer of faith and the eater of dreams.  The reason that I, in some weird way, am envious of these Christians who are fighting for life itself is because their faith is constantly one of the only things keeping them going.  Where as here, we have our money, our TV’s, our Internet, our radio, our friends who think like us, our constitution, our freedom.  Makes me think of what C.S. Lewis talked about in “The Abolition of Man,” that the closer man gets to finally defeating nature, the closer nature really is to defeating man.  That is the danger of complacency.  It takes away our feeling of needing God and replaces it with the feeling that God needs us.

That is an outright lie.  God doesn’t need us, if He did I think He would have made a better race than we.  We need God, and without our constant realization and reminding of that; we struggle with ourselves and our pride.  That leads to idolatry, which leads to a god that needs us.  Which simply put, spits in the face of the one true God and leads directly to the eternal fires of Hell itself.  That’s why I’m envious.  The struggle to survive here leads one to God on high.  The struggle with one’s pride often leads to demise.

With this joyful lecture in mind, keep Christ in Christmas this year.  Celebrate Jesus, the one who forgives, the one who judges, and the one who saves.


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