Meek and Mild Jesus

So I’m reading “Your God is too Small” by J.B. Phillips and get to his ranting on the misunderstanding of Jesus being meek and mild.  Okay, maybe it’s not a rant; but I know I’ve been on my own soapbox about that same topic.

His discussion really brought back almost flashbacks of talks I’ve had with family, friends, and students about the same misconception.  I remember vividly having one student tell me that something I said to him wasn’t nice enough, and I wasn’t even a decent example of Christ.  This was coming out after I corrected him, much more nicely that I thought he deserved at the time.  And I quickly remarked, “You mean the Jesus that, when seeing how the temple had been perverted, sat down and thoughtfully made a whip, and whipped people out of His house and turned over all the money tables?  Are we talking about the same Jesus here?”

Now I feel terrible about how I handled the situation, and I would like to think that I’ve grown and that the Holy Spirit has brought me further through my personal sanctification process.  That being said, I meant what I said, I wish I had used a bit more tact though.  Mind you, this also opened up this pupil’s mind into thinking that the box he had placed God in might not be the right shape and size.  Maybe, just maybe, God isn’t always going to hold his hand and say “it’s ok, I’ve got you.”  Sometimes He might just give the kid a swift kick in the butt and say “Really?  You haven’t figured this out yet?”

A meek and mild Jesus.  I agree with Phillips, I don’t think that mild is an apt description at all for this man and for God in the whole three persons.  Meek, as in humble to the Father, yes.  Mild as in turning His eyes from evil and just ignoring wrong doing, no.  Is your image of God a “meek and mild” one?  Does your concept of Christ need a subtle change to help you continue to grow in your relationship with Him?


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