The Abolition of Man

So this is a really short read.  Not in the sense of “wow! I can’t put this book down!” but rather in that it’s only 91 pages, but it doesn’t start until page 13.  You do the math.

I had a friend tell me, after I had picked up a copy of “The Abolition of Man” by C.S. Lewis, that it was one of his favorite books.  If you pick this up and read it immediately after reading “Mere Christianity” you might not share his sentiment.  I know I don’t and that’s basically how that happened.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy diving into one man’s soapbox on an imaginary hypothetical situation that may or may not be happening based on one or two bad teachers/authors as much as the next guy.  Yep, that about sums it up.

On a more serious note, however, Lewis does prelude to some serious issues that he recognized as a possibility based on his current situation and readings that do, I believe, hold water to today’s society.  No, I’m not going to tell you point for point what those issues are.  Suffice to say, it would appear that Suzanne Collins either read “The Abolition of Man” or understood to some extent what Lewis was getting at when she wrote “The Hunger Games” trilogy.  While I have not actually read the books, I have enjoyed both movies that have come out based on the series.  From what I gather through the movies, it’s a slightly different road than what Lewis imagines, but one of decent merit.

In the end, don’t reason humanity out of man.


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