Erasing Hell – By: Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle

So before I cracked this one open (aka hit the Kindle button on my phone) I read multiple reviews.  Funny, I usually read a book before reading many reviews so I make sure I make up my own mind, and not just substitute someone else’s ideas as my own.  I already knew it was primarily combating Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’ book, but I just couldn’t help my curiosity.

So many of these reviews went on describing this as ‘Chan’s least interesting book,’ or just saying it’s plain boring.  I completely disagree.  I’ve read all three of Chan’s books, ‘Crazy Love,’ ‘Forgotten God,’ and now ‘Erasing Hell;’ and so many people just can’t get over that Chan hasn’t just duplicated ‘Crazy Love.’  It’s like all those people complaining about all the M. Night Shyamalan movies after ‘The Sixth Sense.’  Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s not as good.

I loved this book.  I actually think this is as good if not better than ‘Crazy Love.’  It’s completely different, less focused on the “what” of the Christian lifestyle and more focused on the “why.”  This book really shows Chan’s education and his experience is studying the scriptures and His gifts from the Spirit in discerning their meanings.

I’m not a universalist, and I don’t believe that the scriptures show evidence for this doctrine.  Chan does a fantastic job showing scriptures and the historical context surrounding them.  Fantastic.  Chan even does a great job discounting some commonly taught inaccuracies about Hell that is heard in so many churches around the world.

This is a rather short review, but it’s a rather short book and I think you’ll get more out of it by reading it than reading any review I could give.  I love how Chan continuously keeps pointing the focus on the reality that this study isn’t about mere doctrine, that this has a real impact on real people.  People sitting right next to you, people you pass in hallways, family, friends, neighbors…real people.


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