Why are there so many different opinions about what the Bible really says?

I was running through some of my old writings that I had while going through some of my Discipleship training.  I thought this was a good topic, and an alright representation of my thoughts on it.

Q:  So just why are there so many different opinions about what the Bible really says?

A:  God understands the way people think, he created us.  God wrote the scriptures in a very specific way, He wrote them to be interpretive.  Some people believe that He did this so that scripture would fit whatever situation you’re going through, others believe it’s a test so that you have to figure out which way is right.  Others yet believe that this is proof that God didn’t inspire the word.  Let me put this in a simple explanation of why I believe that God wrote the word this way.

What is the most basic and yet most effective way to kill faith?  I’m not just talking about faith in God, but faith in anything.  The answer is KNOWLEDGE.  Dictionary.com defines faith as belief that is not based on proof.”  So here’s how this works, think of whatever profession you are in, or whatever you are really good at.  When you first saw that field you didn’t know how it did what it did, you just knew that it did it.  You had faith in it.  Then you start working in that field, and you start to understand how it worked.  Once you knew how it worked, you start to see when it failed.  After you knew how it worked and had seen it fail, you no longer had faith in its work; you just knew how to work it.

The Bible is written based on this same basic principle, as long as there can be a different opinion on what something means, people have to use FAITH to make it through their walk.  Why else would Jesus have talked in parables, if not to spawn thought and provoke faith at the same time?   I do agree that God wrote the Bible to allow for multiple situations to fit different parts of scripture, God’s word heals, that’s part of its nature.

The next time someone wants to get into an argument about a different opinion about what scripture means, just take it as God telling you to have faith.


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