Flimsy Ministry – By: Brian Seidel

First off, this book is directed specifically toward youth ministry.  But if you aren’t doing youth ministry, don’t turn away just yet.  Seidel presents some paradigm issues that are currently in the modern church….all of the modern church.

Flimsy Ministry is written for youth ministers, and without trying to be stereotypical here….well….it’s written like high schoolers are the target audience.  This is good and bad in my opinion.  On one hand, you don’t have to be a biblical scholar with an M Div to understand it.  However, if you have a bit more of an in depth background / understanding of Christendom and the Bible, it comes off as less than other authors articulate.

The basis of the “paradigm” issues that Seidel discusses are in my view completely accurate.  I have to admit, I am in the same geographical area as Seidel, so we are seeing similar things in the church.  These “cards” that need to come down, I believe, are universal in the Western Church.  Arminian, Calvin, Charismatic…..it doesn’t matter, I’m seeing and hearing these same complaints from all of my church buddies.

It’s rather difficult to discuss here the paradigm cards in detail.  There are only a few addressed in the book, and I think that most people would be better off reading Seidel’s own words than just taking my cliff notes.

Sufficely to say, if you are in any kind of church ministry (Youth, Pastor, Worship/Praise/Music) read the book.  I agree with Seidel that these are some of the primary cards that need to start to fall before the modern church can begin to change.  And yes, it is quite easy to translate the specific “paradigm cards” into your current ministry…even if it has nothing to do with the youth.


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