Even Sweeter

So Shannon (my wife), Gabbie (daughter), Josh (son) and I were driving home tonight from Costco when the likely conversation of God and beliefs came up.  Shannon just started some Calvary Chapel classes so she’s really excited about some of these topics.

The class that she wanted to talk about was ‘Intimacy with God.’  Part of what they had been talking about was the relevance of Adam and Eve’s sinning on our lives.  Ah the bittersweet epiphany of right and wrong.  It really got me thinking about how most people interpret that.  “Why would God even have made us if he know how bad we were going to be?”

It hit me.  Like a flock of zombies chasing a vampire, it hit me.  It had to be this way.  We had to be screw ups.  We had to be perfectly wrong all the time.  We have to be 16 months old and running around with our sister’s dolls with her chasing us screaming bloody murder all the time.

As I was trying to explain my point to Shannon she said “yeah, if there had never been sin then Jesus would have just been another perfect person and wouldn’t have needed to come at all.”

True true.  But nevertheless, not what I was trying to get across.  How much sweeter will heaven and the presence of God be for those of us who haven’t fully experience it here.  Paul longed to finish the race and be with Jesus again because, quite frankly, life as a Christian can suck.  It’s the narrow road because it’s hard.  If you are really living a Christian life then you’re going to be under attack, and war is never pretty.

We had to go against God so that He could truly show us how much He loves us.  We’re not angels.  If Adam and Eve had never sinned, and were always in the presence of God, they would never be able to truly appreciate the intense love that He has for us.  Like a perfect child will never know what it’s like to still be loved after assuming that they’re hated.

We have the choice to follow God.  We also have the choice to not follow God.  Hell is not there because God wants to punish all the people who didn’t choose Him.  Hell is there because He knew that there were those who wouldn’t want Him.  The real hell is complete separation from God and all of His attributes.  No love.  No kindness.  No joy.  No forgiveness.  No patience.  No relief.  And maybe some fire and brimstone for kicks.

God knew that the only way for us to really understand His love for us, was to allow us to go against Him and choose to come back.


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