Get the Point

More and more frequently I get pulled into conversations, or more often arguments, over Arminian vs. Calvin.  Lately some talks have been leaning towards “are Catholics really saved?”

I want to put this in writing and keep it simple:  the point is Jesus.

I don’t care if your Arminian, Calvin, Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal or whatever….if you have Jesus in your heart, then you are saved.  The rest is secondary and is not a factor of salvation.  Quite frankly, I think we all have it wrong with our theology in a lot of different ways.  I truly believe that when we see Jesus face to face in Heaven (not that it will matter and therefore it probably won’t really come out) that He will tell us that we all missed the point.  Theology should help us to know Christ and to help others here on earth.  It should not be a debate topic; discussion sure, but not debate.

Much as how Paul shows us in Romans that the law was here so that we might know that we have sinned, theology is here so that we may know that we have Christ.  Put away this selfish ambition to be right, and accept that Jesus is the only right there is.  Quit warming the bench and start participating in life.  What else are we here for?  Get out there and do something; even if that something is giving a homeless person $2.99 so they can go eat at Taco Bell.  Help a student with their studies.  Go to a nursing home and visit some elderly people that haven’t seen their family for so long that you might as well be related.

This debate is pointless and utterly meaningless while there are people in the world suffering.  We are the army of one.  We are an entire army of people as one body in Christ Jesus sent here to fight sin and temptation.  We have our weapons and our armor.  We have our gifts and our talents.  It’s time to arise and make know this kingdom that we strive for.  The time has come to put away or bitterness towards each other and stand united against all that is against the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

Take part.


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