Dinner for Zombies

Ah! Behold, the undead have awaken and are stirring in the midst.  Crying out for brains and flesh.  Tired and weary from the relentless nuances of the life they lived; they move sluggishly, painfully searching for what they deeply desire.  They passover the timid and lame, heading solely for a voluptuous brain.

Sweet!  I’m now writing for b-class scifi made for TV movies!  Maybe not.

I’m really talking about the current generation and all those tired of people trying to ‘entertain’ them into loving Jesus.  I’m talking about the people who want to know, learn about, and grow with Jesus.  I’m told by several people all the time about how ‘weird’ or ‘different’ the kids are these days.  I’ve heard it enough, and I’m getting old enough, so I’ve started to even believe it half the time.

I’ve been in a trance like state for a few months now, feeling caught in a haze of nothing and everything all at once.  It’s not depression, it’s more like being off just a few degrees.  Doing a church plant (and not even being the head elder/pastor) has been taking a lot out of me.  I’m truly starting to understand why people say that church planting isn’t for everyone…but I’m sure it’s for me, at least for now.

Going through this process of planting and trying to nurture and “grow” this church is taking a toll.  But luckily, God gives strength to His people when they are in need, and I am evidence of this.  I was used to going to, and being a leader (not pastor, but volunteer leader) at a church of roughly 1,200 people.  Now, I’m leading worship at a church that averages between 10 and 15 people a week, really it’s more like 12.  I was used to seeing new people almost weekly and having the church grow itself.  Now I’m raising my kids, running my company, and doing a good chunk of the leg work to grow our church.

Luckily my mindset truly changed, and my goal and mission is to see people grow in Christ; not just come to Christ, but grow, really grow.  One of our key focuses at The Fountain is that we want people to be theologians.  We want people to learn, and study, and actually think about their faith and about God.  I’m sure now that God wants me to get people thinking again.  My main mission isn’t to be an evangelist, but to transform mere followers of Christ into true disciples of Christ.  It’s one thing to show up on Sunday, go to your Wednesday Bible study, and live your life.  That’s being a follower; you believe in Jesus, but that’s about it. While that may be enough…is it really how you want to show your devotion to the God that created everything?  Is that all you’re going to do for the God that came in human form as His only son and died the most humiliating and painful death imaginable for you?  Is that enough for the God that wants you to be with Him forever in paradise?

My friend posted a link to a funny video parable relating church marketing and Starbucks.  In essence, what if Starbucks marketed and ran like a church?  Chances are, I wouldn’t get coffee there.  This video really got me thinking…church marketing sucks.  This modern church has got to go.  Am I the only one getting tired of the ‘6 weeks to a happy marriage’ sermons?

Yes, the Bible has great advice and insight into these types of topics.  That’s not the problem here.  The problem, I think anyway, is that we are trying to takeover the Spirit’s job.  We are trying to teach people how to be a Christian, telling them the Christian attributes instead of teaching Jesus and letting the Holy Spirit fill the person and change them.  We want to show them the ‘Christian mold’ and help them fit into it.  Can we please start teaching the Bible again?  Let’s give people the knowledge, teach them how to study and help them study.  Let’s teach them and show them who Jesus was, is, and is returning as so that they can choose to follow Him, and become a disciple of His.  Instead of just giving them the new version of the ‘good news’ in the middle of your Wendy’s experience and telling them to follow Jesus (without introducing them to Him) if they want to go to Heaven.  If we teach the Bible the lessons will be taught, including the happier marriage one, just maybe not in 6 weeks.

In this context, the people who are no longer satisfied with the direction of the modern church are the zombies.  What do zombies eat???  BRAINS!  They eat brains.  So lets feed them, metaphorically anyway.  Let’s give them knowledge, and more importantly, wisdom.  Let’s show them Jesus, at the coffee shop, at their house, on the phone, on the roadside where they’re broken down.  Why have we forgotten that the temple of God is not a building….we are His temple.  His Spirit lives in us.  The father is in Heaven with Jesus awaiting His return, and the Spirit is in us.  Everywhere we go is the church.  You can share Christ in other areas than just the ‘church’ and the hospital; you show Christ in your life.

Go.  Let the zombies eat your brain.  Let the world rip at your flesh and know that God does not tolerate people who desecrate His temple.  Forgive them, and if they find Christ, then His blood paid for their sins.  If they don’t find Christ, then God still gets the glory and takes vengeance for Himself.


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