Such a Know-it-All

Our youngest son is teething again, and hence is up once or twice a night.  Last night Shannon got up with him and saw an interesting commercial.  On this commercial they claimed to have discovered the name of the 2 witnesses.  They also gave their website so that you could “learn more.”

Well this was too good to pass up.  We hopped right on it, knowing fair well that the likelihood of it being a hoax was extremely high.  Sure enough, it was a total scam.  They claimed to have the” most accurate and authentic translation of the Bible ever published.”  Bold words; however, I bet the people who held the original letters from Paul would differ.  Not to mention those who spent time with Jesus.

On their website (not going to give out the address, don’t want people buying into a total lie) they went on about how all other translations of the Bible had over 22,000 errors, and how the church has been hiding the true identity of Satan for all these years.  There was even a page where you could buy their books, including their electronic version of their bible for only $149 and books that are guaranteed to hold the answers to your questions from $20-$50.

So not only do they have all the answers, but they want to gain financially for it.  This kind of reminds me of when Jesus took the time to make a whip, went into the temple whipping people and kicking tables (John 2:13-22 – mind you that the most likely reason was that the animals were not fit for an offering).  Jesus told his disciples (regarding his returning – but applicable to much of God’s plan) “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” (Matthew 24:36)

A word for the wise, if someone tells you that they have it all figured out…they’re lying.  They’re deceiving the children and that’s not good for them (Luke 17:2). I’m not really going to get into it on this one; but be wise, use discernment, and pray…you might be surprised in the ways that God answers.  Don’t forget about your friends, wise counsel is important (Proverbs 12:15).


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