Leave Your Head at the Door

While having a discussion with some non-believer friends of mine, it came to my attention that they had the “leave your head at the door” mentality when it came to church and/or Christians in general.  This concept basically implies that you can’t think at church, or you obviously aren’t thinking if you’re a Christian.

This is not an uncommon concept for people outside of Christendom and it is getting irritatingly old (at least to me).  In certain circles you can’t even voice your opinion without instantly being chastised simply because you follow Christ.  Christianity (or more accurately Judeo-Christian views) is “so antiquated” that you simply cannot be educated or even intelligent at all and believe in such things.

Poppycock!  I for one am getting sick and tired of Christians being viewed as the “closed minded” individuals.  In this particular talk I was told to “expand my horizons.”  This is coming from a person that left a household that believed in God, and then became an atheist.  So she went from a possibility of a god to no option for there to be a god…that’s contracting one’s horizons my dear not expanding it.

As a Christian I’m noticing that people just want to bash me/my beliefs and make me/them look bad; therefore my argument won’t matter, whether it’s right or not.  I’m getting quite sick of it.  Again, I say poppycock!  God know’s we are going to question, get mad, and even lament our situations and even Him.  There’s even a book about it call the book of Lamentations.  That’s how God made us.   He made us to need to have an outlet.  We have to be able to vent.

Because God knows we are going to question (He made us that way), He inspired the Bible to be written in such a way that you would have to think about it.  You can’t be a Christian without thinking about it.  You can’t even begin to comprehend Jesus’ teachings (if you read them and not just take the word of a commentator) without thinking about it.  The concept that Christians must not think about there beliefs is sheer ludicracy.  While I admit that there are some that don’t read the Bible and just go off what old Joel says, the vast majority of Christians take at least some time to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).

Don’t get discouraged.  Don’t let the enemy breach your armor with such foolish, albeit believable, talk.  Hold strong to your faith, your Bible, and your brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have been given these things, and people, to help us along our journey, our race.  Just remember how Paul put it; “for to me, to live is Chirst, and to die is gain.” – (Philippians 1:21)


2 thoughts on “Leave Your Head at the Door

  1. I think you may have a misinterpretation about what is being said about intelligent Christians. I myself have very many intelligent Christian friends and I once was a Christian. The problem is that Christians (as I can attest to from my personal experience as well as observing my friends) do not employ their critical thinking to their religion. That is not to say that they don’t think about their religion, they do, just not in an objective matter. Christians seek to prove the validity of the Bible when it should be seeking truth irrespective of outcome.

    • @Some Musician – Valid point. And I would have to agree with you on that one; most Christians don’t think critically about their beliefs. That has been a major complaint ringing out from the entire emergent movement, including the sub-sects like the missional branch that I would tend to say I belong to. One of the major differences between this postmodern movement and the traditional modern movement is that this movement is refocusing on what it truly means to be Christian. What Christ actually meant instead of what their denomination says. They question everything, very critically. If you haven’t looked into the emergent movement, I might suggest checking out some of their churches (you might want to ignore the online banter about how bad they are, every new movement is met with opposition, just think back to Luther). There are some links on the side bar to some, maybe check out Tony Jones / Emergent Village.

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