2 Years Back

I realized this morning, while lying in bed, that I had been at The Fountain for nearly 2 years.  My how time flies.

I had seen an online post about a new church plant needing someone to help lead their worship on Saturday evenings.  I figured it would be a good church interview opportunity and if I did help them out that it would be a good addition to my resume; I had felt called into church leadership for many years at this point but had been told several times that I needed more experience.  A little while after emailing the church I was contacted and asked if they could see me play; I had a gig about a week away and told them to check it out.

The pastor was there, and I wasn’t sure what to think.  He was hard to read (and still is most of the time) and had quite the accent.  It turns out he’s a Boston boy…but I won’t talk about his baseball team here.  He ended up staying for only half the set, said goodbye on my break and said he would be in touch; honestly, I thought that was the end of it.  Little did I know that when I would get home there would be a 2 and 1/2 page email from him in my inbox explaining how he thought I would fit perfectly.  We got together and talked about my beliefs (my theology if you will) and the churches beliefs (their theology if you will).  I was a little cautious because they were meeting on Saturday, used the term “emergent” on their website, and used the Nicene Creed as their statement of faith, which said “We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church.”

I was confused, were they seventh day?  Were they part of the emergent movement?  Or are they Catholic?  I couldn’t figure it out.  Come to find out they met on Saturday because they were meeting in another church’s building.  They put the emergent line in there before emergent had that stigma…and the title missional really fits better.  And I failed to notice that the Nicene Creed says “catholic” not Catholic, in reference to the body of Christ as being the church, not in reference to any denomination or single church entity.  It still amazes me that David, the pastor, and I agree on most things; I’ve never agreed across the board so much with a single person, not even my wife.

David quite bluntly asked me “what do you want for this?”  I was taken aback.  I was honestly just going to volunteer my time.  So that’s what I told him.  I got the job, nonpaying, but if you’ve ever worked in a church you know…

Since then, I’ve studied and trained, and continue to study and train.  I was licensed and even ordained.  What I assumed would be a line on my church resume, turned out being my church resume.  I’ve learned and grown more in these last 2 years than I had in the combined 13 years prior.

I learned something so valuable in that interviewing process with David.  I didn’t really grow up in a church.  And when my family decided it was time to go, I thought I would join them and enjoyed the new people.  I did accept Christ, but never really grew much after that.  I never really knew what my church stood for.  What were their views on certain topics…closed handed and open handed?

Do you know your church/denomination’s history?  Do you know what your church believes?  Maybe it’s time you interviewed you pastor.  (Philippians 3:2-3)


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