Dear Mr. Bell

Dear Mr. Bell,

I have received quite the array of negative comments and talk from friends and family about me referring your book.  While I do not agree with everything you say in your book Velvet Elvis, I do think that you have some valid points.  I also believe that it is important for believers to look at all sides of Christendom.

Like all the books on the topic of Christianity, no one will agree with every piece of theology that the author might have.  Nor will they agree with everything in the book.  I recommend your book because there are some valid points on where Christianity is going and it stretches believers.  Why should we be content with what is “traditionally” accepted.  Jesus himself warned against such actions in Mark 7:5-8.  We all need or work out our own salvation with fear/reverence and trembling.

Is it wrong to seek a pure form of worship?  Is it wrong to challenge the current standard in hopes of getting closer to the walk that God desires for our lives?  Was Martin Luther wrong?  Were Calvin and Arminius wrong?

Again, I don’t agree with all of your views; I do hold strongly to the Nicene Creed (see actual creed here).  One must know their “closed handed” doctrine; things that make you a Christian like Jesus is the one and true messiah and was and is God.  He was born to a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross a sinless man, on the third day rose again, and is now at the right hand of God awaiting His return.  Outside of these “closed handed” beliefs there are many discussions, and I don’t believe that the emergent movement should be taken out of the discussion.

Missional Middle Class


Rob Bell, while still being prominent, is not the only person in the emergent movement.  It would be not only wise, but also prudent, to see what people inside a movement are saying about themselves and not accepting what others say about them.  To say that all emergents are hypocrites is like saying all catholic priests are child molesters.  It’s alright to disagree with someones views, but it doesn’t mean that they might not ever have anything valid to say.


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