Daily Theology – Your Personal Theology

The word theology has a little stigma about it doesn’t it?  Many people tend to avoid it; thinking that they don’t know everything well enough.  We seem to think it’s only for preachers and plain old Jesus freaks.  When in reality, we all are living out the theology we believe.

Theology comes from two root words, Theos & Logos.

Theos = God

Logos = Word

Theology can decently be described as talking about our beliefs in God (or god/gods depending).  I like how Tony Jones put it in his book “The New Christians” – “theology is talk about the nexus of divine and human action.”

So talking about where our actions intersect God’s actions.  With this thought about theology, one could take a look at their life and get a better picture about how they believe God works.  For instance, my wife and daughter just left to go to a basketball game.  I decided to stay home and work on this…not because I think God hates sports or even just basketball, but because I think God wouldn’t want me to bring the mood at the game down…and I could use the time constructively.  I plain don’t like basketball, and I have a tendency to wear my emotions on my sleeves, and sometimes on my wife’s sleeves.

In the same book, Tony uses the example of where you might buy a house.  Does God prefer the suburbs or the city sort of thing.  However, it goes so much deeper than that.  How you react to people is a much better indication as to some of your theology.  Let’s say that you have a hard time being around people of Islamic faith.  Do you maybe think that God hates Muslims?  A coworker said something that made everyone else at work think less of you and you “can’t” forgive that person.  Do you think that Jesus only came for your sins?

Our actions do not control our theology; and sadly our theology doesn’t seem to control our actions either.


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