Christ in a Coffee Shop

Today I was at a local coffee shop working on a website that I’m developing for a local company.  I was enjoying a mix of some BB King (and friends) and Santana.  This was a Christian bookstore / coffee shop; don’t always go to those types, but when money’s tight and you can get a coffee, soda, and a personal pizza for under $10…that’s the place to be.

This particular coffee shop is part of a church in town.  I saw the Sr. High Pastor having a meeting with, probably, a youth leader.  I saw two other prominent people from the church there as well as the Sr. Pastor, who talked to the Sr. High Pastor and the other two prominent church goers before grabbing his coffee and sitting down with his appointment.

Overall the vibe was nice and laid back.  It kind of reminded me of the Last Supper (seen in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26).  Everything was going well, food; drinks, decent music (they had a personal mix on the overheads ranging from Red to Casting Crowns to Aaron Shust) and something was happening that no one understood but the person going through it.  I just caught a look from the lady that the pastor was about to have a meeting with, and that look let me know she was stuck in something nasty.

It just amazes me how people, seemingly purposefully, take the time to overlook peoples problems; even in a place where people should be there for each other.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the pastor would have even noticed if she hadn’t asked for his time (I know this church pretty well, and this pastor is very busy running the large church, so this is not a jab at him).  What would the Bible look like if Jesus, or His disciples, overlooked some of the suffering that they helped?

Would we even have anything that resembles a Christian Bible?  Would Women’s Suffrage have happened?  Would slavery be illegal?  Would there even be a United States, or would this land become another Australia?  Would Martin Luther King Jr. have had a dream?

Maybe I’m just riding myself here, but I think it’s time to start paying more attention to the people surrounding us.  I know here in the Boise, ID area they are looking at banning panhandling due to the number of families doing it.  What’s going to happen to the families that legitimately need the help if they can’t even ask for it?  I saw a news report earlier that showed a family that sold all they had to buy an RV to live in.  The dad works temp jobs when they’re available.  They’re on food stamps, but they need cash to put gas in the RV and get clean water…

I think it is time for us all to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to our neighbors.


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