Ad Nauseum

So a pair of guys came to my door to convince me that their Bible is better than my Bible. An interesting concept isn’t it? Jesus is in both Bibles. He is the messiah in both Bibles. Both have the same torah, prophecies, letters, poems, Gospel and so on; they are just translated a little differently. Yet somehow one is better than the other.

Which is actually better you ask?  As David Blackwell puts it (he probably got it from someone else too), “whichever one you’ll read.” Each translation has it’s good points and bad points, but Jesus is the same in all the (major) translations. I prefer the ESV Bible translation personally, but I’ve known people that could only grow with the Message.

So why ad nauseum? In my previous post, when is too much, I ended with “shine your light, just don’t point it in everyone’s eyes.”   So here’s my quandary; is door-to-door evangelism still effective or is it just making people sick?  Is it like tracts, they had there place but that time has passed?

This is very similar to what the modern church is going through.  We’ve had a mental shift into a postmodern era, but we don’t want to move the church past modern.  This is what’s sparked the whole emergent debate.  Phyllis Tickle, who wrote “The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why,” has theorized and I think shown that around every 500 years there is a major shift in the Church.  We are right at that 500 year barrier, so it’s only natural to assume that things should be changing.

I’ll leave this up to you readers for now.  Is having people come to your door trying to convince you they’re right making you sick to your stomach?  Has it been done long enough and frequently enough that it’s to the point of ad nauseum?  Leave your comments and we’ll continue to discuss this topic.


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