Crazy Love – By: Francis Chan

There’s so much to say about this book, in fact most of it can be found in the book itself.  I started reading Crazy Love and could hardly put it down.  To be quite honest with you, after reading it, I feel like my relationship with God has changed overwhelmingly for the better.

The first thing that came to my mind after reading Crazy Love was an old song written by DeGarmo and Key called Casual Christian.  The song says “I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be a casual Christian, I don’t want to live, I don’t want to live a lukewarm life.”  And I don’t know how you could read this book without begging for forgiveness from God. At least in my life I had become complacent without even realizing it.  To take the words from Chan “do not assume you are good soil.”  I’m afraid I had taken my walk for granted; I assumed I was good soil.

Ever since I finished reading Crazy Love I have continually prayed two prayers over and over; “Father make my love for you overwhelm me and overflow so others can get it as well,” and “Make me your good soil.  Help me find the hidden path.  Pluck the thorns from my heart and clean away the stones.  Make me fertile soil so that I can bring glory to you by passing on the fruit of your word.”

When you read chapter nine and see just a handful of people who have lived the way this book challenges us to, you can’t help but feel that they really aren’t the extreme that the world makes us think they are.  Really these people are just following Jesus’ example, and trying their best to live a biblical life.  It really makes you think it’s possible; it takes away the overwhelming fear of stepping out and replaces it with an overwhelming desire to run for Gods love.  If you run for Gods love then you will give up your security blanket, whatever it is for you (aka money, plans, whatever), and replace it with Gods will.  When you do this you will see God take care of you, and have even greater faith.  Just try to out give God; it’s not going to happen.

If we could run our church the way this book describes, which really is how the Bible describes it…totally sold out to God; our blessings from God would overflow and we would have nothing to do but do our best to bring total glory to the creator of the universe, the human hand, all the trees, blood cells, the atom, the soul, angels, heaven, love itself.  Don’t get caught up in wondering if God created evil, for evil is just the absence of good, the absence of love.  Evil is the absence or really the denial of Gods intention.  But if He hadn’t given us the ability to do evil, we really wouldn’t have the choice to love Him.

My final thought would be this: Give more, take less, love more, and hate less.  Give God the opportunity to show you what life can be, don’t tell Him how it should be.  Take your talents and invest them to give back some profit.  If you find a giant pearl in a field, sell everything you own and buy the field.  For the give that God offers is more than worth everything; it’s the only thing.  And you might not be here in five minutes, so buy it now.


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